WOYWW Crop 2017

So, the WOYWW Crop hits the road!
We threatened to do this so as not to be accused of being south-of-England-centric, and the bluff has been called, the gauntlet has been picked up and dusted off and thanks to our Margaret,(glitter and glue, to you and me) we're off to Llandudno!

Crop day is Saturday 30th September 2017, 10am to 4pm.
All the usual lack of rules apply - bring what you're working on/something to work on and prepare to do less than a day's work on it because lunch and chatting will prevent over work. I guarantee it. Frankly we should be having a Christmas card making session!

Margaret has organised the use of the hall at the
Emmanuel Christian Centre
Lloyd Street
LL30 3YA
There is parking at the hall - please park as economically as possible. If the car park fills, there's pay and display parking on the Promenade. Gotta love a Victorian seaside town!

Margaret  (glitter and glue, to you and me) has offered to cook lunch for us - of course, nearer the time, I will ask those of you that are coming to let us know if you have weird diets to be catered for.

Personally I'm making a weekend of it and Mr Dunnit is coming with -if there are train journies to be made, it will be easy to arrange to pick you up from the station, for we will be travelling by car.

There will be other details I'm sure, but at this point, Save The Date, consider your attendance and let me know as soon as you can. A comment on this post will be fine. As usual, it's merely an indication of your intent, we aren't asking for a deposit or anything that utterly commits you. There will be a charge on the day to cover lunch costs, hall hire, and a raffle, proceeds from which are donated to charity.
If you've been to a WOYWW Crop, you'll be familiar and it would be lovely if you'd leave an encouraging comment for those that are near enough to Llandudno to consider coming but may be a bit shy.


Neet said...

In my diary as soon as I get up out of bed. Whoo Hoo! Finally making a crop.
If anyone can fit in a meal after Margaret has fed you I can recommend a little pub behind Wetherspoons, cannot remember its name but the food is delicious!
Hugs, Neet xx

Helen said...

ooh... how exciting... will start looking at trains and things...

Kathyk said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, I have a 50th Birthday party that day, starting late afternoon. I shall miss your company ladies - have a great time for me too


Morti said...

Could it possibly have been a more out of the way place to get to? We'll see what we can do, but it's unlikely that the Bromilow's will be in attendance....

Sarah Brennan said...

I don't know for definite yet, but as it's only a couple of hours drive, I may be able to make it. I will also check out with my friend whose side of the desk I also share each week if she would like to come. I don't know if my car would hold everything though lol. As long as Stoke are playing away that week there shouldn't be a problem but we are both season ticket holders and the new fixture list won't be out until late June. Would that be too late to let you know? Sarah

Tracy said...

oooh thats not too far from me and I am sure I can convince hubby to take me there as they walk walk the great orm with Sam.

donna garner said...

omg - I am in the Uk for my Sons graduation in October... I will have to look at dates and see what can be achieved in terms of crop attendance, though it will be a grand tour taking in the north ( 'tis grim but has to be done) the Sarf ( south london) and perhaps wales, though if I sail into and out of plymouth it is doable, and roscoff is only 2 hours from me... oooh ive come over all excited...As regards the desk ( I feign equal excitement)
it is amusing that for one tiny bird we need to be surrounded by so much stuff eh? But it does make us so happy - simple souls and all that... dxxx#28

AliWade said...

Oh no. I got really excited - it is in Wales (but actually harder for us to travel upto the north than it was to go east into England) and hubby could be persuaded that time of year to drive me (and go cycling whilst we craft/chat/eat). Then I realised that we have a holiday booked that week - off to sunny Spain on the 3rd and home on the 10th. Therefore, yet again, I send my apologies. Ali x

Mrs.D said...

I will be there, in my diary.

Elizabeth said...

Oh yeeees! The EM says yes too! At last, after all the years of saying I'd love to make it one year, 2017 is the year. The EM is coming too so I get to bring everything I need down in the car. So how many sleeps 'til the 7th October :)